Over 5 million women in the UK suffer the anguish of bladder weakness, and it affects young and old alike.
There are three main types of bladder weakness (or incontinence as it’s sometimes called):

1 Stress incontinence

is the commonest form of bladder weakness – with unexpected leakage of urine when you cough, sneeze, laugh, or put a strain on your body as in exercise. Stress incontinence is usually due to your pelvic floor muscles being weaker than they should be. This type of bladder weakness is commonest in women around the time of childbirth and afterwards.

bladder weakness affects over 5 million women in the UK

bladder weakness affects over 5 million women in the UK

2 Urge incontinence

is a strong and sudden urge to rush to the loo and pass urine. The bladder struggles to empty itself despite your best efforts to control leakage.

3 Overflow incontinence

is when your bladder does not empty properly, and there is a steady build up of urine that may drip out just as though your bladder was overflowing.

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