stress incontinence

stress incontinence and bladder weakness can affect anybody

Stress Incontinence is not something women talk about.

But bladder weakness is a terrible problem that affects more than five million women in the UK. The good news is that with a little help and understanding it can often be cured. The important thing about bladder weakness is NOT TO SUFFER IN SILENCE!

Our first advice is to consult your GP. But we understand that many women don’t like to do this, and by reading the information on this site, you may be able to understand more the causes of your problem and how you can start to help yourself.

We describe the main causes of bladder weakness in women of all ages – and believe us when we say bladder weakness does affect women of all ages. We also highlight some of the tried and tested methods of ridding yourself of this curse once and for all, including some amazing bladder weekness gadgets.

So don’t despair, read on and hopefully together we’ll be able to give you back your life. Look at our sections of Types of bladder weakness and Help for bladder weakness. But remember, you may also wish to consult your GP too.


Bladder weakness products

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